GenStat for Bioscience

It’s always important to focus on your strengths and excel at what you do best. That’s why, at VSNi, we focus on biosciences. Our products are unlike some data analysis software, developed and targeted within different branches of science or unrelated fields, and then latterly ‘shoe-horned’ into other areas. Originally developed at Rothamsted, GenStat has remained close, and in the case of agriculture and agribusiness especially, is inextricably linked to biosciences. Our commitment to bioscience has never changed, and it will always be that way. Use the links in ‘Explore Bioscience’ (the grey box in the middle of the page) to be taken to your relevant or related science and see how our products can help you in your research and analysis. Go to the product pages for GenStat or ASReml, or follow the links to find out more about us, particularly our ethics as a business. Use this link to go to the Downloads section and try out our software.

Why GenStat?

We believe in promoting good statistical practice:

  • all standard analyses accessible by menus
  • advanced menus build on the concepts in the simple ones
  • general algorithms – provide the right analysis not the least inappropriate
  • context-sensitive help
  • all documentation is available on-line
  • full audit trail (recorded in the Input Log)
  • output directly exportable into reports, scientific papers or web pages

We encourage innovation:

  • You can write programs in the command language to develop new ideas
  • As you become more proficient – you can incorporate your own code
  • Programs can be formed into procedures (i.e. new commands) and distributed in libraries for automatic access by anyone

We promote and incorporate new ideas:

  • By our consistent commitment to, and delivery of, annual releases
  • Continuous development of the standard procedure library including refereed user contributions
  • Staying close to our users, and listening to what they say – and more importantly, need.