Food Science

The science of food seems to become more complex by the day what with new standards and regulations being introduced and the demands of the consumer continually on the rise. It takes a strong breed of software to keep up with the needs of today’s food scientists and researchers. Software with a comprehensive knowledge of the biological sciences partnered with an understanding of harvesting right through to sensory evaluation.

Why GenStat?

GenStat is the only software of its kind to concentrate on the life sciences providing the tools you need to continue improving food products to ensure wellbeing and quality of life.

  • Analyse large, complex datasets easily and efficiently
  • Assist in defining factors that affect your research
  • Discover patterns in vast sets of data
  • Determine genetic risk factors
  • Examine traits of agro-economic importance
  • Interpret sensory analysis data
  • Assist in increasing yield and produce
  • Integrate agricultural, climatic and survey data
  • Interactive visual presentation and interpretation of data

With thousands of analyses, procedures and directives a single page isn’t nearly enough to show off GenStat. The following is but a small example of some of the possibilities; to gauge the full potential why not try GenStat for yourself?

  • Design experiments and plan monitoring systems
  • Analysis of variance to compare varieties and trends
  • Multivariate analyses to estimate genetic correlation
  • Perform cluster analysis for large datasets
  • Generalized procrustes analysis for studying sensory evaluations
  • Non-linear generalized canonical analysis
  • Advanced modelling using HGLMs
  • Integration between agri and climatic communities

The availability of software such as GenStat has created the opportunity to use powerful statistical methods in the research of food science. We understand our role is to support you in achieving your goals and as such promise to deliver yearly updates based on your input along with an unparalleled level of support to assist in your research and maintain the advancement of food science.

“The very discovery of the new world was the by-product of a dietary quest.” Arthur M. Schlesinger