Forestry Science

The forest industry is of major ecological, economic, and social importance. Woodlands and forests change not just with the seasons but are affected by time, climatic changes, population growth and many other defining factors. With the population increasing and forest area decreasing, it is essential to find ways to sustain forest services and products while protecting forestry, the environment and promoting regeneration.

Why GenStat?

As the only company of it’s kind to concentrate on the life sciences, VSNi are ideally placed to help you reach your goals quickly, efficiently and perhaps most important, accurately. With a growing awareness that new technologies can support and often accelerate results, GenStat provides all the tools you need to bring viable research and results to the forestry sector.

  • Analyse large, complex datasets easily and efficiently
  • Assist in defining factors that affect your research
  • Define key traits to help you discover & create new methods of regeneration
  • Discover patterns in vast sets of data
  • Determine risk factors
  • Examine traits of agro-economic importance
  • Assist in increasing yield
  • Integrate forestry and climatic data

With thousands of analyses, procedures and directives a single page isn’t nearly enough to show off GenStat. The following is but a small example of some of the possibilities; to gauge the full potential why not try GenStat for yourself?

  • Design experiments and plan forestry monitoring systems
  • Analysis of variance to compare varieties and trends
  • REML facilities to model spatial patterns
  • Hierarchical Generalized linear models to evaluate random effects
  • Model data using Generalized linear modelling
  • Cluster analysis to provide similarities of species composition
  • GLMM appropriate for uncorrelated residuals
  • Easy data uploads to produce an array of visual data and graphics
  • Spatial analysis and mapping using kriging and cokriging
  • Allows integration between agri and climatic communities

Today those who work within forestry must be knowledgeable in general biology, botany, genetics, soil science, climatology, hydrology, economics and forest management. We understand this and GenStat is tailored to suit all such disciplines.Our role is to support you in achieving your goals and as such promise to deliver yearly updates guided by your input along with an unparalleled level of support to assist in your research and forest management.

“The true meaning of life is to plant trees under whose shade you do not expect to sit.” Nelson Henderson