The earth is our planet – our only home. Anyone involved in geography knows this all encompassing science is essential to understanding how our planet works and providing the knowledge we require to take care of it. GenStat data analysis software provides the specific tools you need to analyse spatial, temporal and other significant data.

Why GenStat?

As the only company of it’s kind to concentrate on the life sciences, VSNi are ideally placed to help you reach your goals quickly, efficiently and perhaps most important, accurately. With a growing awareness that new technologies can support and often accelerate results, GenStat provides all the tools you need to bring viable research and results to your fingertips.

  • Analyse large, complex datasets easily and efficiently
  • Assist in defining factors that affect your research
  • Define key traits and interactions
  • Discover patterns in vast sets of data
  • Determine risk factors
  • Examine traits of geo-economic importance
  • Integrate agricultural, geographical and climatic data

With thousands of analyses, procedures and directives a single page isn’t nearly enough to show off GenStat. The following is but a small example of some of the possibilities; to gauge the full potential why not try GenStat for yourself?

  • Design experiments and plan monitoring systems
  • Identify patterns using multivariate techniques
  • Compare results using Generalized linear modelling
  • Analysis of variance to provide detail on GE (Genotype by Environment) interactions
  • REML Estimation of Effects within Multi-environment Variety Trails
  • Analyse univariate and multivariate data based on linear, generalized linear, mixed linear and hierarchical generalized linear models.
  • Model environmental affects on growth and abundance using GLMM
  • Cluster analysis to provide similarities of species composition
  • Short and long range predictions
  • Analyse climate variability and change
  • Exploratory spatial analyses
  • Quantitative and qualitative data analysis

The science of geography is fundamental to the continued existence of the human race. We embrace our role in helping you get the most from your data and as such promise an unparalleled level of support and continued focus on life sciences.

“This is your land, this is my land.” Woody Guthrie