Oceanography has come a long way from the 18th century contributions of Major James Rennell, owing much to the rapid technological advancements of recent years. New technologies such as satellites, sumersites and deep sea drilling have enabled us to observe activities and collect data on a far more advanced level; providing observations, research and data that need to be analysed.

Why GenStat?

GenStat data analysis software is the only package of its kind to concentrate on the life sciences, with a vast range of statistical techniques to suit your needs.

  • Analyse large, complex datasets easily and efficiently
  • Assist in defining factors that affect your research
  • Define key traits
  • Discover patterns in vast sets of data
  • Graphically explore marine data
  • Determine risk factors
  • Linear modelling for predictions such as swell
  • Graphical exploration and presentation of data
  • Integration between ecological, agricultural and climatic data

With thousands of analyses, procedures and directives a single page isn’t nearly enough to show off GenStat. The following is but a small example of some of the possibilities; to gauge the full potential why not try GenStat for yourself?

  • Design experiments and plan sequential aquatic monitoring systems
  • Nested Anova to compare coastal differences
  • Decision trees to forecast expected changes
  • REML facilities to obtain unbiased predictors
  • Summarise and compare data by fitting distributions and various non-parametric tests
  • Chi squared tests for conformity and linkage
  • Model data using generalized linear modelling
  • Graphical display and modelling of species abundance
  • Multivariate analysis for comparing communities

From the geography and geology of ocean basins to human impacts on marine life, the science of oceanography is fundamental to the sustainability and improvement of our ever changing world. Our role is to support you in achieving your goals and as such promise to deliver yearly updates guided by your input along with an unparalleled level of support to assist in your research and analysis.

“The least movement is of importance to all nature. The entire ocean is affected by a pebble.” Blaise Pascal