VSN International Ltd (VSNi) is the prime supplier of data analysis software for the biological and life sciences markets worldwide. Formed in 2000, now an internationally successful company; VSNi is a spin off from Rothamsted Research (RRES) and the Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG).

Due to its history with RRES, the largest land-based research institute in the UK and arguably the original home of statistics in biology, VSNi has stuck close to its roots. As a result we are uniquely placed to provide statistical software to a wider market, seeking opportunities within the UK and overseas public bioscience sectors.

We aim to support all bioscientists and researchers in their work and support education via our free Teaching version. Please see Teaching for more information.

We continue to expand and seek out new opportunities.  Our business serves a demanding (and growing) global customer base which constantly requires the highest levels of service. In October 2012 we formed VSN China (VSNC) a Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise.  This new company will spearhead our operations in China and Asia beyond.


Rothamsted Research

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Numerical Algorithms Group Ltd

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The board of VSNi is made up from representatives of VSNi and its investors.  Click on the following links to view the various profiles: