Rothamsted board members

Professor Chris Rawlings, Head, Biomathematics and Biostatistics

An experienced bioinformatics scientist and manager having extensive experience in the development, deployment and application of in-silico methods for analysis of genetics and genomics data for identification and characterization of genes and proteins relevant to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries with:

  • Knowledge of pharmaceutical (SmithKline Beecham) and biotechnology company (Oxagen Ltd) R&D and business priorities.
  • Extensive experience of managing projects and departments that create value through the development and use of bioinformatics and other scientific and general IT tools.
  • Wide practical experience and technical knowledge about information technology (hardware and software) and its application in the life sciences.
  • A broad background in evaluating and reviewing software products and research proposals through membership of company and UK research council scientific strategy committees.
  • An international reputation as a bioinformatics scientist with an extensive and sustained publication record in peer reviewed journals.
  • A wide knowledge of the UK and international bioinformatics research and development community with an extensive network of personal contacts.
  • A laboratory research background in DNA repair mechanisms and computer science research background in application of artificial intelligence programming languages and knowledge representation systems to biological (bioinformatics) problems.