ASReml 2 Linux installation and license key procedure


ASReml 2 for Linux installation and license key procedure


ASReml v2.00 for Linux Installation Notes

Platform: AMD Athlon/Opteron or Intel Xeon 64-bit based PC
Operating System: Linux (64-bit)

Max Workspace = 32000Mb

Interactive Graphics with hardcopy options EPS, WMF, JPG, HPGL, HPGL2,

Note this implementation produced under Red Hat Fedora Core 3, should be suitable for other Linux versions. Please contact in case of problems.

bin\ASReml  shell script to invoke the program
bin\asremlvvvxx  Exe file, version vvv build xx
bin\MYOWNGDG.f90 example Fortran source for OWN variance structure

doc\ASReml.htm  HTML Help files (view in normal browser)
doc\UserGuide.pdf  Principal source of reference
doc\UpdateR2.pdf  Description of changes since version 1.00

examples\*.*  Data and input files for examples contained within the User Guide

Installation of ASReml for Linux

1. Create a directory to hold ASReml v2.  To do this, open up the terminal and type:

  mkdir /usr/local/asreml2

 which will require root privilege (administrator rights).

If you have previously had access to a beta version 1.63 or higher, please remove all files associated with it from your machine, or archive safely so they are separate from the directories used for v2.

2. Download the ASReml archive and extract the files to /usr/local/asreml2/.  To make sure that you are in the correct directory please type cd /usr/local/asreml2/.  Then carry out the following commands by entering in the section where it states / DIR LOCATION/ the location of where the ASReml files were downloaded to for example: /home/user/Download/:

  gunzip /DIR LOCATION/lnx-64-200bw-fc6.tar.gz
  tar xvf /DIR LOCATION/lnx-64-200bw-fc6.tar

3. In the bin directory, create a symbolic link (asreml) to point to asreml200. We suggest you use this method to allow simple updates in future. The different versions of asreml can be easily identified by the version number incorporated in their name, whilst asreml points to the latest (or other) version.  To make sure that you are in the correct directory please enter cd bin.  Then enter the command below changing the extension of what version you have downloaded where xx appears, for example: bw or av. 

  In -s asreml200xx asreml

4. Now edit the ASReml script to set the appropriate path name for ASREML_DIR, the ASReml home directory.  To do this open up asreml by entering vi ASReml.  Change and amend the ASReml script so that it displays:

   >export ASREML_DIR

5. The ASReml script should be used to invoke the program as it sets up various environment variables required by ASReml. To make it easily available, copy to an appropriate location or create a link to the file by entering the following command:

   cp ASReml /usr/local/bin/

6. Now type in ASReml and the following should appear:

   ASReml Command line prompt: -[options] AS_file [arguments]:

Registering for a license key

7. You are now ready to register and install a license key. Note that a new license system (FLEXlm) is used
with ASReml 2 and version 1.x keys will not work.

You will need to register for a license key before you start to user ASReml, unless you are using the trial version.  To do this you need to open ASReml and the following command prompt will appear:

   ASReml Command line prompt: -[options] AS_file [arguments]:

Now select enter and a pop up screen should appear which will have a button appear allowing you to register for a key.  Select this button and select online registration or save registration.  If selecting online you will be taken to an online form where you need to enter your software site representative number and your details.  Submit the form and then you will be sent a license key by return email within 24-48 hours.

8.If the pop up screen does not appear then please could you type ASReml and enter the following command and select enter:


This will then bring up all of your system details, so please send this to us by email so that we can issue you a key.

Installing the license key

9.  When you have received the license key by email, click on the attachment and it will save the file in a download location, for example: /home/user/Download/asreml.lic.  Then you will need to move the license file to the correct location by entering the following command in the terminal:

   mv /home/user/Download/asreml.lic /usr/local/asreml2/bin/

Then run ASReml and you should be ready to go.

Applies to:

  • ASReml 2 for Linux


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