ASReml 3 Linux installation and license key procedure


ASReml 3 for Linux installation and license key procedure


ASReml v3.00 Installation Notes

Platform: Intel x86 or AMD 32-bit based PC
Operating System: Linux (32-bit)

Max Workspace = 2000Mb

Interactive Graphics with hardcopy options EPS, WMF, JPG, HPGL, HPGL2,

Note this implementation produced under Red Hat Fedora Core 10, should be suitable for other similar Linux versions. Unlike ASReml 2.0 this version has been statically linked with Motif libraries, simplifying the installation process. Please contact in case of problems that arise.

The program is provided in a universal linux version. This should be suitable for most recent versions of Linux. It has been successfully tested on many systems, including versions of Fedora from Fedora Core 6 and upwards. The files are contained in a compressed download as follows:


where the letters ‘x’ and ‘vv’ are replaced by the sub-version and build letters of the software. The initial release in 2009 was formed from ASReml 3.0fl, i.e. x=0 and vv=”fl”. Small incremental changes to the sub-version may occur during the lifetime of this software, principally to correct bugs that arise in use.

The tar archive contains a number of files, some of which are common to all versions and the executable program which is specific to the target system. The contents of the archive is as follows:

bin\  shell script to invoke the program
bin\asreml-3.xvv-32 executable image file, ASReml version 3.x, build vv
bin\RequestLicense                 a tool to generate a license request
bin\myowngdg.f90                 example Fortran source for OWN variance structure

doc\ASReml.htm  HTML Help files (view in normal browser)
doc\UserGuide.pdf             Principal source of reference
doc\UpdateR3.pdf                 Description of changes since version 2.00
doc\pedigree.pdf                 Description of pedigree options

examples\*.*  Data and input files for examples contained within
                                                the User Guide

Installation of ASReml for Linux

1. Create a directory to hold ASReml v3.  To do this, open up the terminal and type:

  mkdir /usr/local/asreml3

 which will require root privilege (administrator rights).  Alternatively, you can install the software in personal file space, e.g. HOME/asreml3

If you have previously had access to a beta version 1.63 or higher, please remove all files associated with it from your machine, or archive safely so they are separate from the directories used for v3.

2. Download the ASReml archive and extract the files to /usr/local/asreml3/.  To make sure that you are in the correct directory please type cd /usr/local/asreml3/.  Then carry out the following commands by entering in the section where it states / DIR LOCATION/ the location of where the ASReml files were downloaded to for example: /home/user/Download/:

  gunzip /DIR LOCATION/linux-32-3.0fl.tar.gz
  tar xvf /DIR LOCATION/linux-32-3.0fl.tar

3.The script should be used to invoke the program as it sets up various environment variables required by ASReml. To make it easily available, copy to an appropriate location or create a link to the file, e.g. in /usr/local/bin:

  ln -s /usr/local/asreml3/bin/ /usr/local/bin/asreml

4. Now type in ASReml and the following should appear:

   ASReml Command line prompt: -[options] AS_file [arguments]:

Registering for a license key

5. You are now ready to install a license key. If you have a license key for ASReml 2.0 it may also be valid, depending on whether you have maintained support on the software. You should check the FEATURE line to see if the version number is 0910 or greater. For example:

 FEATURE ASReml VSN 0912 ……..

If so you can just copy the ASReml 2 license file (asreml.lic) into /usr/local/asreml3/bin.

If you need to renew your license, or need to activate ASReml for the first time, you can run the RequestLicense application which is located in the bin directory. Just type:


and follow the instructions that appear. You will have the choice of online registration or saving to a file which can then be sent via

8.If the pop up screen does not appear then please could you type ASReml and enter the following command and select enter:


This will then bring up all of your system details, so please send this to us by email so that we can issue you a key.

Installing the license key

9.  When you have received the license key by email, click on the attachment and it will save the file in a download location, for example: /home/user/Download/asreml.lic.  Then you will need to move the license file to the correct location by entering the following command in the terminal:

   mv /home/user/Download/asreml.lic /usr/local/asreml3/bin/

Then run ASReml and you should be ready to go.

Applies to:

  • ASReml 3 for Linux


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