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New product: msanova

State-of-the-art certified and supported ANOVA facilities in an R environment msanova is an R package that provides a clear and comprehensive analysis of variance for any balanced multi-stratum design. It uses the tried and tested ANOVA algorithm from the Genstat software system that was originally written at Rothamsted, and which is […]

Prestigious accolades received by VSNi associates

Congratulations to our esteemed associates, Arthur Gilmour and Brian Cullis, who have both received recognition for their work in the fields of genetics and biometrics. Arthur Gilmour awarded the Helen Newton Turner Medal Arthur Gilmour, an elected fellow of the Association of the Advancement of Animal Breeding and Genetics (AAABG) and […]

Genstat 18 is available for download now

Genstat 18 (SP1) is complete – and this latest edition is now fully live. Existing users (with the correct version control license key) can upgrade here. If you want to more, for help or to arrange a trial, or for new sales please email Support.   Take a look at the […]

What’s new in ASReml 4

The main development is the introduction of an alternative functional method of associating variance structures with random model terms and the residual, akin to that used in ASReml-R, as an alternative to the former structural method, where the variance models were specified separately from the model terms. Using the functional specification, […]

BBSRC recognises VSNi success

Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) has published a short case study recognising the success of VSN International Ltd. You can read the summary here, or the full case study here (PDF). BBSRC is a UK Research Council and NDPB and is the largest UK public funder of non-medical bioscience. It predominantly funds scientific […]

Food Standards Agency rely on GenStat

The Food Standards Agency is an independent government department responsible for food safety and hygiene across the UK. We work with businesses to help them produce safe food, and with local authorities to enforce food safety regulations. Everything we do reflects our vision of ‘Safer food for the nation’. We aim […]

Win 64-bit and ODBCload.exe issues

If you are running the 64-bit version of GenStat and wish to access ODBCLoad.exe, install the GenStat 32-bit version as the file can be accessed from there and run GenStat 32-bit version concurrently with your 64-bit installation. From Help: When using Open DataBase Connectivity (ODBC) with a 64-bit version of Windows, there […]

Genomic selection using ASReml

Animal and plant breeding is fast becoming one of the hot topics of the 21st Century.  The ability to identify specific traits and use them to improve different species or breeds is important as we try to make sense of a rapidly growing world population, and to provide high quality food […]

Installing the CycDesigN GenStat AddIn

The CycDesigN AddIn for GenStat is downloaded as a zip file. The files contained in the zip file MUST be extracted prior to installing the AddIn. Next, locate the GenStatAddIns folder – for your User profile. You can do this by simply selecting Tools | Options from the GenStat Menu bar. […]

Vision No 21

Free software in education VSNi is proud to announce the launch of GenStat for Teaching and Learning – a new free product based on the current Genstat 13, but amended to make it suitable for school and undergraduate students. The easy to use GenStat Menu system provides access to a wide […]