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Halting the invasion

Managing weeds has been an issue for agricultural producers for centuries; consequently there are now a wide variety of techniques used for managing and controlling weeds in an agricultural situation. But in order to successfully control or eliminate any weed farmers need to know which is the most effective and appropriate […]

The very hungry caterpillar

Ever since attempting to grow our own vegetables with my young children I have been amazed by the decimation caused by caterpillars on crops. At the time my family were engaging in our first gardening experiments and initially we were all delighted to see the range of butterflies in the garden, […]

KWS value precision and security

For centuries people have been breeding plants, trying to fine-tune individual plants to obtain or change a particular trait.  Today plant breeders look at addressing concerns such as drought or environment tolerance, pesticide, herbicide, fungi or bacteria tolerance, improving nutritional value or increasing yields. This, by definition, ranges from “classical” propagation […]

Vision No. 18 March 2010

GenStat Discovery – helping to find integrated pest management schemes. With at least 1.3 million described species of insect, accounting for at least two-thirds of known organisms, it’s no wonder that entomology fascinates the human race. And yet understanding and studying insects is not just for those with an interest in […]

ASReml spawns new thoughts on salmon traits

A report published in September 2009 suggested that farm-reared fish accounted for 50% of the world’ consumption of fish. This rise in aquaculture production isn’t much of a surprise when you consider the emphasis on the health-giving properties of fish (particularly Omega-3 from oily fish) and the subsequent encouragement for people to eat more oily fish; and it’s certainly good news for the aquaculture producers across the world.

Zoo breeding: Sumatran tiger secrets unravelled using ASReml

Zoos have come a long way since the original Zoological Garden in Regent’s Park, London. They are not just a collection of animals for people to look and scientists to study; evolving into centres of research and play a vital part in wildlife conservation and protection. Certainly in the UK you […]

Understanding reproductive performance

GenStat is known as the data analysis tool for biological sciences, its original development and history stems from the data analysis needs of agricultural researchers based at Rothamsted Research. A study, published in the Journal of Tropical Animal Health and Production, has been looking at determining the true reproductive and productive […]

Vision No. 16 November 2009

Analysing genetic data just got easier with the release of ASReml 3. ASReml 3, the outstanding data analysis software designed for fitting linear mixed models is now available for download. Already widely used by scientists and researchers in the biosciences the new procedures and functionality added to version 3 further extend […]

Vision No. 15 September 2009

GenStat 12th edition available, now including QTL menus. The latest version of GenStat, the pioneering data analysis tool for bioscientists, is now available for download. This latest edition has been updated and enhanced to include a host of new and improved statistical techniques of particular use and interest to plant breeders […]

GenStat 12th Edition has arrived

VSNi, the data analysis software developer, announces the worldwide release of the 12th edition of its pioneering software for bioscientists, GenStat. This new release marks a significant step in VSNi’s commitment to supporting the need for precise and reliable predictions in scientific research throughout the world. GenStat has long been the […]