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‘Install License’ button does not appear on pop up screen

Please download the current version from our website, if you have a fully paid annual rental license or support and maintenance contract.  This version will then have a ‘Install License’ button for you to install the license key.

Installation error, Error reading setup initialization file

Thank you for your email regarding your installation error message.  The error message that you are getting suggests that the file has not fully downloaded.  Please uninstall and try again and please check the size of the downloaded setup file which is opn the download page. If you are using Internet […]

Error message 1607:unable to install InstallShield scripting runtime

The error you are experiencing is within the InstallShield installation software we use to install GenStat. You can find the solution to your problem in their knowledge base article Q108340:

Silent installation, network option

You can do a silent install selecting the network option by creating a response file for the installation using the setup.exe file. You can create a response file for the installation by using the command Setup -r This will run through a setup recording your response at each step where you […]

Software not working, license key is saved but asking to register for a key

The problem that you are experiencing is due to ASReml/GenStat not being able to find the license key.  There are a few reasons why this is happening so please could you check the following: 1. The license key has been saved into either of the following locations: C:\Program Files\Common Files\VSNInternational\Licenses C:\Program Files\<softare […]

License register dialogue box not appearing

Please delete all .lic files which are located in your ASReml/GenStat directory.  Once these license files have been deleted it should bring up the dialogue box to allow you to register for a key when opening the software.  The main reason that the dialogue box was not appearing before, was because ASReml/GenStat […]

Error ‘License error – checksum incorrect’, when trying to open software up

The error message you are receiving indicates that ASReml /GenStat can not find the license key in the correct location.  Please could you check that the license file has not got a hidden .txt extension on the end of it and that it has been saved in the correct folder. To check […]

Error 1324. The path my documents contains an invalid character

The error you are getting is from Windows Installer and may occur if you try to install other software. There are several reasons why this may occur and is dependant on the version of Windows that you are running. I would suggest you take a look at the following articles from […]

Unable to use trial version, install trial button greyed out

The reason that you can not access the install trial button is because GenStat thinks that you have had a trial for the software already.  Please contact so they can supply you with a trial license.

GenStat system requirements

GenStat for Windows has the following minimum system requirements : Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon 64 Windows 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7 64 MB RAM 230 MB hard disk space for full installation