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ASRemlW, error message – file is already open or cannot be accessed

ASRemlW opening more than once or error messages saying the file is already open or cannot be accessed, the first thing to check is the Tools|Options menu. For “Location of ASReml program file” it should say C:\Program Files\……\ASReml.exe.  In this example it is wrong, because it says ASRemlW.exe. Changing it to […]

ASRemlW not running, no output showing

Thank you for your email regarding your ASReml output problem. Please could you open ASRemlW up and go to Tools – Options – Environment Tab. Assuming a standard installation, the first field, entitled “Location of ASReml Program File” should contain the value C:\Program Files\Asreml3\Bin\ASReml.exe   Please amend or add this which […]

ASReml system requirements

ASReml miniumum system requirements are: Intel Pentium Windows 2000 34 MB Hard Disk space (17 MB for the program and 17 MB for the installer)

GenStat system requirements

GenStat for Windows has the following minimum system requirements : Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon 64 Windows 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7 64 MB RAM 230 MB hard disk space for full installation