ASreml-R 3


ASreml-R 3

Windows Version Control Number: 1607

To run ASreml-R 3 your license key must have the correct version control. Before installing an update it is your responsibility to check your license key to ensure it will be valid for the update.

In Windows you can do this by starting your current version of ASreml-W, then selecting Help | License Details from the menu bar. In Linux, open the license file (asreml.lic): the version control will be a 4 digit number on the FEATURE line, e.g. 0802. Your license will be valid for an upgrade if your version control number is greater than or equal to 1607.

If you install an update which is not included in the time period of your key, ASreml will cease to work. In this situation you will either have to update your license key or reinstall the original version of ASreml. If your license version number is insufficient but you have a current support contract, please contact support to obtain an updated license. If you are upgrading from ASreml version 1 we recommend that you read the license arrangements before downloading.

To download ASreml-R 3, please complete the form below and click Submit. All fields must be completed.

    Site Reference

    A site reference number is a unique customer number which is associated with the purchase of VSNi's software. This number is supplied to the software site representative who made the purchase. Please contact your software site representative so you are able to locate your site reference number. Alternatively, if you are unable to get in contact with your software site representative, then please contact us at VSNi and supply us with your full organisation's details, so we are able to help you locate your site reference number.

    Looking to trial ASreml-R?

    You may request a trial of the latest version of ASreml.

    Please note the following:

    1. We manually check the eligibility of every request and we reserve the right to refuse a trial. This is to prevent software piracy or temporary usage to complete PhD or other research work.
    2. Students requiring trials please arrange for your lecturer or supervisor to provide the suitable analysis tools. We would be happy to help them with our choices on offer.

    Please email support with your name and the name of your organisation / company / institution, stating you wish to trial ASreml.

    Other downloads

    FLEXnet components
    Download the FLEXnet management system components to run ASreml using a network license.