ASReml License

ASReml uses the licensing components based upon the FLEXnet system. This provides a variety of software licensing options, including standalone, networked, single or multi-user configurations.

Whichever configuration is chosen, the license information will be supplied in the file asreml.lic, which should then be installed by copying to one of the following locations:

  • C:\Program Files\Common Files\VSN International\Licenses\asreml.lic (Windows)
  • {install directory}\bin\asreml.lic (Windows)
  • {install directory}/bin/asreml.lic (Unix)

Where {install directory}  is the directory chosen for the installation of ASReml, e.g. /usr/local/asremlx (where x is the version number). For a single user the file contains the license itself, whereas for network licenses the file contains a reference to a nominated license server (see below for further details).

The license permits use of whichever variants of ASReml you have installed.


These use the same license system and license file as ASReml and ASReml-W

In Windows, if the asreml.lic file is put in the “Common Files” location specified above it will be accessible to all versions of ASReml including ASReml-R. To restrict access to the file to just ASReml-R, say, asreml.lic should be located in the R binary directory i.e. C:\Program Files\…\R\R-2.x.x\bin\

In Linux the license file location is specified via an environment variable, this can be located anywhere convenient.

Obtaining single-user license keys

In some cases the license file will be supplied along with the software, in which case it should be installed as described above. Otherwise, the first time the program is run you will be given the opportunity to register on-line or via email, following which the license file will be sent by email. For Unix users, running the program will produce a registration file called ASRemlRegister.txt which should be completed and then submitted by email. The key will be sent by return. In either case, Windows or Unix, the request must be generated on the machine or host processor for which the license is intended. The key may not be valid on other processors, depending on the type of license purchased.

Network licensing

Network licenses are administered by FLEXnet license software running on a nominated network server. Note that the server need not be the same platform as the licenses it is serving; for example, a network consisting of Sun SPARC servers and workstations, along with desktop PCs running Windows, could install ASReml on both Sun and PC and run FLEXnet on one of the SPARC servers.

A suitable network license server should be selected and the license software downloaded from the FLEXnet downloads page. Note that for a mixed installation you only require the download for the license server. The downloads include instructions for installation of the software and application for the license key. It is recommended, although not essential, that the FLEXnet end user documentation is also downloaded.

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