Linux compatibility

VSNi software is currently built using a Centos 6 development server to produce 32 and 64 bit distributions (earlier products may have been built with previous versions of Centos).

We currently support VSNi products built for the following primary distributions of Linux:

  • Redhat
  • Debian (coming soon)

We provide a download for each of our products as a Redhat package binary or in the form of a .tar archive file. The preferred installation method is to use the Redhat package manager, as this takes care of all the dependent components that our software is built on.

We will be producing a native Debian package management binary in late 2017. In the interim, please install the software using the .tar archive.

Note: If you are installing software using this latter method you must have a high degree of expertise in systems administration as you will need to match native system libraries with those required by the VSNi binaries.

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