ASReml 3 Release Notes

ASReml 3.0

v3.0hv (18th May 2012)

  • final functional update of v3.0.
  • fix bug when SORT levels not PRUNED.
  • allow table to be formed SPARSE if NCELLS > NREC.
  • ensure LABEL !A !L one_label becomes a factor if more labels discovered in the data.
  • fixed bug in GFLAG which caused vector overflow.
  • bug expanding 1 3:5 9 (say) in !SUBSET.
  • fix setting up COS and SIN transformations.
  • revised XFA and general updating rules.
  • limit to score update if not US x I.
  • fix infinite loop when data file not present.
  • refine updating rules for negative gammas.
  • flag if .rsv file is in old format.
  • allow repeated $ strings.
  • accomodate 4th field better in pedigree sort.
  • fix bug when FGEN .99998 < f < 1.0.
  • fix bug in setting seed.
  • fix bug in printing XLINK GIV.
  • add warning when CORG not converging.
  • print residuals in wider format.
  • fix rounding errors getting LogDet(Ainv).
  • fix bug sorting !L list.
  • fix bugs in calculation of Normal random deviates.
  • fix bug in predict p1 when p1 and(p2) fixed.
  • fix bug when .pin path includes . or space.
  • allow at(Site,1,3:5,36:38).ROW.
  • recognise end of file as end of VPREDICT defn.
  • fix bug detecting , after !ASSOCIATE.
  • fix bug with 2 !PRES (1 large and one small).

v3.0gt (2nd December 2010)

  • added Discovery downloads.
  • 64-bit linux program has license request changed to 64-bit to avoid libc problems.
  • check working directory has write access.
  • treat tab character in .pin file as space.
  • revise printing of variogram.
  • denDF failed on poorly scaled X.X.
  • report variances that are initially zero.
  • correct parsing of initial values from continuation lines of model.
  • adjust bound for zero psi.
  • report local peaks in CYCLE.
  • automatic detection of DENSE form.
  • naming of VG plot files from G structures.
  • fix WV for zero psi models with singular dense GRM.
  • correct bug with multiple MBF.
  • correct bug with !KEY 1.

v3.0gm (1st July 2010)

  • added missing example files.
  • added license request app for Unix builds.
  • update flexnet to support Windows 7.
  • linux versions now have static link with Motif.
  • bug in labels for ALPHA PEDIGREE.
  • create level label for extra SING levels in pedigree.
  • at(A,1,2,3).B !GF applies !GF to all 3 terms.
  • wrong Comp/SE on B components.
  • correct several problems with and(A.B).
  • fix bug processing long !CYCLE lines (>1000).
  • inserted ‘Results from’ line from .asr file in .pvc output.
  • correct processing of long (>1000) header lines.
  • log det weights were overwriting weights in multisection.
  • bug in LogL calc with GOFFSET.
  • correct problems with MVREMOVE and multivariate data.
  • !LAST failing with grouped rows.
  • correction to “-p pinfile”.
  • recognise Z as well as F as fixing loadings.
  • extend FGEN options 0
  • correction to and(mbf()).
  • allow leading spaces before TABULATE.
  • error in calculating s.d. of variance parameters.
  • change !AS to !ASS to avoid confusion with !ASMV and !ASUV.
  • identify CYCLE string in section header.

v3.0fl (3rd November 2009)

  • stable release of ASReml 3.

ASReml Version Numbers

The major version number, 3.0, is the ASReml Release number and defines
the principal functionality as outlined in the ASReml User Guide, Release 3.0.
An alphabetic coding (e.g. gm) indicates minor versions formed during the development and
production phases of ASReml, and reflects stepwise changes to the contents along
with minor enhancements and bug corrections. These changes are often quite small,
relating to very specific problems encountered in use of the program; only some
versions are formally released, providing an accumulation of the minor increments.

As work on ASReml 4 enters its final stages the current version ASReml 3 has
progressed to a maintenance phase based on the final stable release 3.0hv.
The numbering system has been revised to indicate maintenance updates to 3.0hv
using the sequence 3.0va, 3.0vb, and so on.

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