10th Edition maintenance

GenStat Maintenance Updates

All service pack and maintenance updates, are available to users under the optional support service or rental agreement provided by VSNi. The purpose of the service packs are to fix problems that are discovered after release and to enhance existing functionality.GenStat license keys incorporate a version control which is derived from the support or rental expiry date and is checked against a minimum requirement in the software. Before installing an update it is the user’s responsibility to check their license key to ensure it will be valid for the update.

GenStat 10th Edition – Service Pack 1

File name: Gen10edSP1Patch.exe
Version control: 0710
Updates/corrections: View details
Date published: 24th October 2007
Download size: 25 MB
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Version Control

To check your version control start GenStat and then select Help/License Details from the menu bar. This will display information about the current license key, including the Version Control code. The Version Control should be checked to ensure that it is greater than or equal to the value specified for the update you wish to download. Note: If you install an update which is not included in the time period of your key, GenStat will cease to work. You will have to update your license key or reinstall the original version of GenStat.

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