10th Edition patches

GenStat 10th Edition, Maintenance Patches

These software patches are made available to supported users to help solve the problems specified below. Any changes to the standard GenStat installation are made at the user’s risk. In case of difficulty, we suggest re-installing GenStat from CD-ROM. Furthermore, we would not recommend installing the patches unless use of GenStat is affected by the problems listed below.

Licensing and Support

All patches, Service Packs, and any other updates, are provided under the optional support service provided by VSNi. Use of files included in these updates requires prior purchase of support at least until the date indicated in the download table. In other words, users are entitled to download and install any updates issued whilst they continue with an active support or rental contract.

GenStat license keys incorporate a version control which is derived from the support expiry date and is checked against a minimum requirement in the software. Before installing an update it is the user’s responsibility to check their license key to ensure it will be valid for the update. This can be done by starting GenStat, then selecting Help/License Details from the menubar, which will display information about the key, including the Version Control code. The Version Control should be checked to ensure that it is greater than or equal to the value specified for the update you wish to download. If you install an update which is not included in the time period of your key, GenStat will cease to work. You will have to update your license key or reinstall the original version of GenStat.

If you have problems installing the patches or need to update your license then please contact our support team.


Download the program and support files. Unzip the archive to a temporary directory. Replace the original files in the Bin and Proclib folders of the GenStat installation with the new versions. The default location for a GenStat installation is the folder C:\Program Files\Gen10ed.


Description Version Control Version Number Release Date File Details
10th Edition 0707 July 2007
Patch 1 0707 30th July 2007 Download Details
Service Pack 1 0710 October 2007
Patch 2 0711 13th November 2007 Download Details
Patch 3 0803 13th March 2008 Download Details
Patch 4 0804 18th April 2008 Download Details

9th Edition patches are also available.

Maintenance Patch Details

The list below provides details of problems that have been fixed within each patch.

Patch 1 – 30th July 2007

  • Sample moments in summary statistics of DISTRIBUTION.
  • Bug in allocation of values to tail cells in DISTRIBUTION.
  • Problem with SCREEN=keep and some hard-copy output devices.
  • Crash due to memory allocation error in REML.
  • Auxiliary parameter in CHARACTERS function was not working.
  • Fix to RGRAPH when index variate restricted.
  • Meta Analysis fix to syntax where Galbraith should be radial.
  • Correction to bootstrap for log series in ECDIVERISTY.

Patch 2 – 13th November 2007

  • Fix bug for selecting multiple files in microarray open file dialog.
  • Proclib corrections to DCOVARIOGRAM, HGANALYSE and HGDISPLAY
  • Fix bug with DEVICE 7 and SCREEN=keep
  • Fix bug writing graphics to file
  • Fix bug in TXCONSTRUCT
  • Fix to HGNONLINEAR (patch to calculate deviance contributions correctly in GNLMs)
  • Fix bug for including radio buttons when creating custom dialogs
  • Fix bug for changing settings for cell selection in font dialog
  • Fix bug in resizing workspace bookmark list
  • Fix bug for keyboard navigation in shade plot dialog

Patch 3 – 13th March 2008

  • Fix to “ignore line thickness” bug
  • Fix histogram bug where number of bars not calculated when binwidth, and lower and/or upper is set
  • Fix histogram bug with multiple pens for per data set
  • Fix bugs in GINVERSE(), LSVECTORS(), RSVECTORS() functions when no of cols > no of rows
  • Fix bug in EDCHI (convergence tolerance too small)
  • Fix to PCP failing with SY7 when METHOD=ssp & SSP parameter set to an undeclared structure
  • CVASCORES fix for empty groups
  • Fix bug in errors bars containing missing values
  • Bug in CUF, returning lower probabilities in some cases
  • Fix to flickering tool tip when labels are switched off
  • Corrected scaling in MEXP function (now uses matrix norm)
  • Fix to DGRAPH crash when all values are missing
  • Corrected problems in QUANTILES/PERCENTILES
  • Corrected blank line problem in PRINT [OR=ac]
  • Allow BARCHART description to be a vector if a 2-way table
  • Correct problem forming loadings from matrix input
  • Put up warning for “interrupt server”
  • Fix bug in PEN resetting line style from save structure
  • Insert blank lines between anova tables of sed’s
  • Fix to RANDOMIZE to avoid crash with null BLOCKSTRUCTURE
  • Fix to RKEEP INFLATION parameter
  • Corrected problem with license expiry warning message, so that it can be disabled
  • Fix to syntax in custom menus when using check boxes

Patch 4 – 18th April 2008

  • Fix to VPREDICT with large numbers (>150) of x values
  • Fix to IMPORT where only reading first sheet in XLSX files
  • Fix to writing SAS transport files where column names were truncated at 8 characters