10th Edition SP1 features

Service Pack 1 contains a number of corrections and enhancements for the Tenth Edition. The server release number has been increased to 10.2 to indicate that it has been updated. Further enhancements and bug fixes will be made in the Eleventh Edition.

Additional features

  • Support added for importing image files (jpeg, gif, tiff)

Key bug fixes


  • Overall title now uses the default font
  • Fix to DSHADE key colouring
  • Improvements to commands generated for .gen files from Graphics Viewer
  • Fix to crash when closing graphics during print preview


  • Fix to sample moments in summary statistics of DISTRIBUTION
  • Fix to bug in allocation of values to tail cells in DISTRIBUTION
  • Fix to problem with SCREEN=keep and some hard-copy output devices
  • Auxiliary parameter in CHARACTERS function was not working
  • Splines now fitted in regression when MVINCLUDE=explanatory
  • Fix to RGRAPH when index variate restricted
  • Correction to bootstrap for log series in ECDIVERSITY
  • Fix to an error in NOMESSAGE option of RDISPLAY
  • Fix to FCOVARIOGRAM & COKRIGE drift options
  • Fix to KAPLANMEIER quantiles not defaulting to values when unset
  • Fix for missing factor values in TXCONSTRUCT
  • Fix bug in ILOGIT(large), should be 100.0 not 1.0
  • REML/VDISPLAY, use non-integer d.d.f. when calculating F probabilities
  • Fix bugs with IPRINT
  • RPHFIT and associated procedures (Cox proportional hazard models) modified to use method and model in NAG G12BAF or G12ZAF instead of those in GLIM Macro Library


  • Meta Analysis fix to syntax where Galbraith should be radial
  • Correction to syntax for F2DRESIDUALVAR when using further output from spatial reml menu
  • Fix to crash in scatter plot matrix menu when large number of variables plotted
  • Fix to GLMM Menu where there is incorrect syntax generated for standard errors
  • Fix to BUGS menu where working directory not included in syntax
  • Fix to simple ANOVA options – syntax for all sed & lsd options generated the wrong way around
  • Fix to unbalanced ANOVA – syntax for screening tests option not working correctly


  • Fix to spreadsheet where selection or restriction of rows are deleted incorrectly for large sheets
  • Fix to stacking and merging date columns with mixed base dates
  • Fix to incorrect number of decimals being displayed when importing from SAS files

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