12th Edition SP1 features

Service Pack 1 contains a number of corrections and enhancements for the Twelfth Edition. The server release number has been increased to 12.2 to indicate that it has been updated. Further enhancements and bug fixes will be made in the Thirteenth Edition.


  • The 12th edition including service pack 1 is compatible with Windows 7

Key bug fixes


  • Improved font for superscript and subscript
  • Correction to display of error bars
  • Correction to filled symbols not always displayed correctly in key
  • Corrected problem with display of hot points
  • Corrected problem when editing axis origins


  • Fix to FACTORIAL option of HGANALYSE
  • Fix to HG procedures for d.f. for likelihood statistics to allow for aliased parameters
  • HGGRAPH and HGPREDICT now allow for back-transformed predictions for conjugate models when MLAPLACE=1)
  • Fix to TMIN/TMAX functions in CALCULATE with missing values
  • Fix to checking of STEP option for FCOVARIOGRAM
  • Fix to RKESTIMATES with ordinal regression
  • Fix to FIELLER when supplying a variate for %DOSE and scalar for TREATMENT
  • Fix to COMBINE for scalar formed when all classifying factors of table map to single dimension
  • Fix to R0INFLATED to allow for large data sets
  • PRINT=progress added to QMQTLSCAN and QSQTLSCAN to show monitoring progress of the QTL scan analysis
  • Fix to QMQTLSCAN and QSQTLSCAN where PLOT option always displays the plot
  • Fix to SAVE parameter not working correctly for QSESTIMATE
  • Fix to QCANDIDATES where does not find a peak if it is at a point with two markers present


  • Fix to replace where case being changed in dialog after item replaced
  • Fix to output fonts not being set correctly on initial start up
  • Fix to creation of custom dialogs where GenStat can crash if large number of controls are added
  • Fix for syntax error in summary by groups for tabbed-table
  • Fix to GEE options dialog which did not correctly store the form of correlation matrix setting when reopening the dialog
  • Removed axes options from Repeated measures profile plot dialog
  • Increased default factorial limit in Reml menus to 9
  • Fix to syntax for specifying the AIC and BIC for a Reml analysis
  • Fix to reading MapQTL map file with spaces after chromosome name
  • Extended to allow import of csvs and csvsr R/QTL comma-delimited separate files
  • -log10(p) added to display of QTL cofactors dialog


  • Fix to conditional formatting not allowing red to be selected
  • Fix to import of extra rows from XLXS and ODS spreadsheets
  • Fix to problems using IMPORT, EXPORT, DBIMPORT and DBEXPORT for files in read only folders
  • Fix to import of R matrix row names
  • Fix to reading factors from Excel when both levels and labels are defined in a comment
  • Fix to reading R v2.10 data files
  • Fix to reading factor with mixed levels/labels from Excel where it has more than 196 levels
  • Fix to reading long text columns from a GenStat Book (GWB) file when the columns contained empty cells

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