Elephants, Bees and Trees

GenStat has many applications, across a wide variety of scientific disciplines. Over the coming months we will be showcasing some of our case studies and user application stories; highlighting not only the extensive abilities of our software but also the remarkable achievements of our users.

Here’s a couple to get the ball rolling:

[save the elephants]

Elephants and Bees:
Elephants are not afraid of mice; bees – that’s a different story. So believes Lucy King, a zoologist based in Kenya currently researching the interaction between African elephants and bees. Why she is leading this innovative research project will become clear, but first a bit of background… more

For more information about Lucy’s work see: Save The Elephants

[Moulton College Logo]

Just how does water availability affect tree growth?
Computers and trees at first glance seem to have little in common, even in a research capacity, most people would be at least surprised and perhaps even disbelieving to see just how extensively computers are used in this industry. To the public at large forestry probably means working outside planting, caring for and then cutting down trees. And yet many of the researchers at Forestry institutes and organisations worldwide are… more

For more information about Moulton College see: Moulton College website


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