GenStat workshops at Z.A.A.S

GenStat Banner at Z.A.A.S

To further the co-operation between VSNi and Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences (Z.A.A.S), Professor Roger Payne delivered a two-day workshop as an Introduction to both GenStat Discovery and GenStat 13th Edition.

the start of the Z.A.A.S GenStat workshops

Over 100 delegates attended the workshops – mainly from Z.A.A.S and also from the Kunming Institute of Botany and Qingdao Agricultural University. The days were made up of formal lectures, demonstrations and hands-on practical sessions. Delegates also received copies of the chinese translations of the GenStat documentation.

Delegates at Z.A.A.S GenStat Workshops

As one of our Centres of Excellence, Z.A.A.S will now be introducing GenStat across the institute and we will be furthering our discussions to aid Z.A.A.S in promoting GenStat to other partner organisations.