Installing an ASReml 2/3 license key onto a stand alone windows PC


How to install a license key for ASReml version 2/3 onto a stand alone windows PC


1. Please right mouse click on the attached file
     Select ‘Save As…’
      Make sure the ‘File Name’ is saved as ASReml.lic
     Save the file to your default file location, e.g. My Documents
2. Start ASReml and click the ‘Install’ Button
     Browse to where you saved the license file in step 1
      Click ‘OK’
If step 2 is unsuccessful:
    A1. Copy all the contents of this email
    A2. Start ASReml and click the ‘Install’ Button
    A3. Select ‘Install the following license text:’
         Click ‘Paste’, to paste the copied contents into the text area
         Click OK 

OR if you are unable to find an ‘Install’ button then save the attached license file in either of the following locations, making sure that it is labelled as asreml.lic and saved as any files:

1. C:\Program Files\Common Files\VSN International\Licenses
2. C:\Program Files\<asreml folder>\Bin

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