Installing floating/server key onto a server


How do I install my floating/server license key on to a server?


When VSNi send you your server license key it will come as two attachments; vsn.lic and asreml.lic.  The file vsn.lic and asreml.lic should be saved in C:\flexlm/Flexnet on the license server and replace vsn.lic if there is already one in there.  The asreml.lic file should also be installed onto each PC linked to the server machine.  If ASReml is installed on a local hard disk, store this file in: C:\Program Files\Common Files\VSN International\Licenses.  If ASReml is installed on a networked drive, store this file in: <asreml folder>\Bin.

Then start c:\flexlm\Flexnet\lmtools, select the tab labelled “Start/stop/Reread”, and press the “ReRead license file” button.

Exit from lmtools and then go to desktop machine. Try starting ASReml.exe up to make sure it is still working.

For further details go to C:\Program Files\<asreml folder>\Doc\asreml.chm, and select the License management option -> Network license.

Applies to:

  • ASReml 2 for Windows
  • ASReml 3 for Windows


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