License error message once key installed, invalid host



Host id error message

User is receiving an error message when they install their license key: An error has occurred whilst reading the license key Invalid host The hostid of this system does not match the hostid specified in license file: Feature: GenStat Hostid: 00e0188dfceb License path=C:\Program files\......... FLEXnet licensinig error:-9,57


The reason that this error message is appearing, suggests that the license key that has been issued, is being installed onto a different PC from where the request came from, or the PC has been reformatted, changing the Host ID of the machine.  License keys are machine specific so which ever machine the license request came from, the license key which is sent to you will work for.  It can not be installed onto another PC as it will not work.

Please could you send us a new registration request from the PC you would like to use GenStat on, so that we can supply you with a license key.

Applies to:

  • GenStat


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