Command Language

Introduction to the GenStat Command Language

Genstat is a statistical system with a comprehensive system of menus providing all the standard (and many non-standard) analyses. The menus define the analyses by writing scripts in Genstat’s command language. These scripts are saved in Genstat’s Input log to give you a full and complete audit trail. More importantly, you can write your own scripts to do something new or non-standard, or even just to save time or automate repetitive tasks.

Once you start to write your own programs, you may want to keep them to use again in future. The most convenient way of doing this is to form them into procedures. The use of a Genstat procedure looks exactly the same as the use of one of the standard Genstat directives. You can thus extend and customize Genstat for your own special requirements. So by learning the command language, you can unlock the full power of Genstat, improve your productivity and extend the scope of your analyses.

  • it explains the basic rules that apply to all Genstat commands, and shows how you can use them alongside the menus in Genstat
  • it shows where to find help information about individual commands, or example scripts illustrating various types of analysis
  • it explains the data structures that Genstat uses to store data
  • it tells you how to define statistical models and calculations
  • it explains how you can write your own procedures