GenStat Statistics

This manual is made available via the software to those who purchase or register for a trial.

The Guide to Genstat – Part 2: Statistics
by the Genstat Committee (edited by R.W. Payne).

This book gives a detailed description of the statistical facilities in Genstat, reviewing the underlying methodology, explaining the output, and describing the relevant Genstat commands.

Most of the analyses supported by Genstat can be run using the menus in Genstat for Windows. However, the menus themselves operate by generating Genstat commands and you can see these recorded in the Input log. So even if you are using Genstat in a Windows environment, you may still want to examine the commands, or to save them as an audit trail of the analyses that have been done.

You may also want to issue your own commands, in order to gain additional flexibility, to use more specialized methods, or simply to access the desired analysis more directly. Alternatively, you may want to develop your own methods of analysis, using the Genstat command language as a high-level programming language. Unlike the Genstat Reference Manual, which describes the commands one at a time, here the information is categorized by type of analysis.

The facilities are introduced by means of examples, which illustrate the commonest analyses and explain the output that can be obtained.The text of this book is available online within Genstat in pdf format. It can be accessed by clicking the Help button, then Genstat Guides, followed by Statistics.