Syntax and Data Management

This manual is made available via the software to those who purchase or register for a trial.

The Guide to Genstat – Part 1: Syntax and Data Management
by the Genstat Committee (edited by R.W. Payne).

This book provides an introduction and formal definition of the basic rules, terminology and conventions of the Genstat command language.

It then presents a detailed description of the facilities that Genstat provides for input and output, data manipulation, calculations, programming and graphics. Unlike the Genstat Reference Manual, which describes the commands one at a time, here the information is categorized by type of activity.

The facilities are introduced by means of examples, which illustrate the commonest tasks and explain the output that can be obtained.

The text of this book is available online within Genstat. It can be accessed by clicking the Help button, then Genstat Guides, followed by Syntax and Data Management.