Spreadsheet guide

Guide to the Genstat Spreadsheet

In this Guide we describe Genstat’s extensive spreadsheet facilities for data entry, import, export and manipulation. Initially we show how you can load data in an Excel file into a Genstat spreadsheet. We then show how you an use the Genstat spreadsheet itself for data entry and verification.

In an analysis you may sometimes want to work with subsets of your data, and we describe how these can conveniently be created using the spreadsheet. You may need to calculate or recode data from columns in the spreadsheet and we show you various ways of doing this. The data may not always be stored in a convenient form or may require rearranging before analysis. We demonstrate some of the relevant spreadsheet data manipulation techniques, such as appending, merging, stacking and unstacking data.

Within Genstat you can have multiple spreadsheets contained together within a book where each spreadsheet is stored on a separate page. We show how you can store and manipulate spreadsheets in a book. In the current Windows environment, data exchange between different applications is becoming much easier, and we show how Genstat can be used with other programs using Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE).

We describe also how you can use Genstat’s ODBC facilities to read and write data to databases. Finally we show you some server commands that allow you to use data in spreadsheets in your Genstat programs.