Technical Support

The VSNi technical support team is dedicated to providing responsive helpful support to users of VSNi products. To ensure that you make the most of VSNi’s products and our technical teams expertise we recommend that you subscribe to our support and maintenance service. Not only does this enable you to obtain technical advice from VSNi’s experienced team of experts but it also entitles you to receive, without further cost, any updates to the licensed product and an additional home license.

What we need from you

When contacting VSNi technical support please have the following details handy as this will ensure that you receive a faster response.

  1. Your VSNi site reference.
  2. VSNi product name and version (e.g. your GenStat Edition)
  3. The type of operating system that you are using.
  4. If you are getting error messages, then the exact error message, and the commands or menu actions that generate them.

The VSNi support team can be contacted as follows:

Technical Support (Worldwide)

Telephone: +44(0)1442 450230
Fax: +44(0)8701 215653

To subscribe to our support and maintenance service or for any general queries please contact us at