Introduction to Genstat

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  • Time: Start 9am, Finish 5pm
  • Duration: 1 day

Price includes all materials and lunches.

Who Should Attend Anyone with keyboard skills, experience of Windows software packages and who has a need to be familiar with GenStat.
Duration 1 day
Aim of Course To give participants an overview of the complete GenStat system and furnish them with the basic skills required to begin visualising and analysing data in GenStat
Learning Objectives Given a suite of example data files, participants will be able to demonstrate the main aspects of the system unaided. These include:


  1. Navigating the GenStat system
  2. Accessing the help facilities
  3. Importing and manipulating data
  4. Visualising data
  5. Analysing data through menus
  6. Using GenStat output in external systems
Methods of Evaluation Subsequent to instructor facilitated sessions, participants will be expected to complete example analyses and exercises unaided
Training Methods Instructor facilitated, interactive computer sessions, Group exercises, Group mini project, Practice exercises, Free practice sessions, Quizzes, Review Mind Maps
Contents The course comprises of 6 individual units:


  1. Navigating the GenStat system
    Understanding the GenStat interface
  2. Getting Help Online
    Using GenStat’s extensive online help facilities when assistance is required
  3. Data – Input and Display
    Importing data into GenStat from a range of data formats. Producing exploratory graphs
  4. Data Management
    Data housekeeping and calculations
  5. Using GenStat Menus – optional module
    Performing data analysis through the GenStat menu system. Design and Analysis of Designed experiments (ANOVA)
  6. Exporting to External Systems
    Exporting GenStat output and graphs to external packages

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