Do you need help getting started or would like to see how GenStat can be used? The tutorial and information note library helps give you access to tutorials and guides to help you get quickly started using GenStat.

Screen Tour (7.6 MB)
This tutorial descibes the different features of the GenStat for Windows interface. It shows the main components of the interface such as the output, data view and where you can access further help.

Data Import/Export and Management

Importing Data from Excel (3.4 MB)
This tutorial demonstrates how to import data into GenStat from spreadsheets.

Design and Analysis of Experiments

Analysis of Variance (9.6 MB)
This tutorial shows how you can analyse a two-way randomized block design using the analysis of variance menu.

Regression Analysis

Simple Linear Regression (9.2 MB)
This tutorial demonstrates how you can model data using a simple linear regression model and produce predictions.