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Statistics and genetics package features very nifty tools for life scientists

Review by John A. Wass, Ph.D.

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The Getting Started manual describes this software as “…a complete and comprehensive statistics package…” but, actually, there is a lot more to it. Most packages these days have a variety of statistical tests with diagnostics and options, graphics, data handling capacity, a quality (QA) module and an experimental design (DOE) module. This package seems to have been designed with the life scientist in mind (not surprising, as it comes from a spin-off of Rothamsted Research and the company, VSNi, is subtitled ‘software for bioscientists’). As such, it offers several significant extras. For example: meta analysis, data mining algorithms, time series analysis and microarray analysis. I stressed this last feature in the title, as microarray analysis represents a very sophisticated and specialized area of bioinformatics, which is usually only had as highly specialized and expensive commercial software, or freeware with extensive programming requirements.

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Full list of the GenStat 11th Edition new features.


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