ASReml 3 new features

Listed below is a brief summary of the new features for ASReml 3.


  • Ability to specify the exact form of the conditional Wald F statistic
  • Enhanced prediction facilities for hierarchical factor structures
  • More options in handling Marker data and using IBD matrices
  • New pedigrees options for sex linked traits and inbred lines
  • Outlier detection diagnostics – outlier statistics for random terms, including the residual
  • Multinomial distribution: analysis of ordinal data under a threshold model
  • Syntax for defining nested R structures
  • Facility for merging data files
  • Improved facilities for cycling through a large number of covariates and models
  • Forming BLUPs using Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient and Gauss-Seidel iteration

Full details of the new features of ASReml 3.0 can be found in the Update Summary (pdf).

You can download the latest version now, or browse the user area.