Our Consultancy

A choice of options

Depending on your requirements you will work with data experts, statisticians, developers, implementation or commercial consultants; or any combination required to meet your needs. Unlike other providers you won’t have to work via any sort of ‘account manager’ (unless you want to) but will have direct access to the people with the knowledge – including the VSNi development team.

Technical Services

You can gain access to the skills and experience of the VSNi development team to customise your VSNi product in areas such as:

  • The creation of new and innovative algorithms
  • Custom product development
  • Tailoring existing procedures or analyses to your exact needs.

You may have experienced statisticians and IT support in-house; it often works out more cost effective (and a better use of time) to have us undertake the work – even the smallest developments.

Analytical Services

VSNi’s consulting team has a wide range of practical experience in a variety of statistical and mathematical areas. Our consultants can give advice and assistance in areas such as data management, design and analysis of experiments, statistical modelling. Take a look at how our consultants helped Elm Farm.

Full Consultancy

We believe that you should only pay for the tools that you actually need. So our full consultancy service has one aim: to put the right tools on the right desktop at the right time. You work directly with developers, shortening development time and getting to your solution quicker than other software providers – all of which reduces costs. If you think you are paying a high price for rarely used statistical tools then why not see how we can help. For more information, or to send sample data sets with queries, please contact: support@vsni.co.uk