Trial & Licence Process

Please note:

GTL is free (for educational use only) software and users can apply for the free licence anytime during their trial period. GTL will only be licenced to institutions and not on an individual basis.

Following your trial, if you wish to request your free institute licence to continue to use GTL – an authorised signatory from your institute will need to sign, include your institute’s official stamp, and return a copy of our EULA (available on request during your trial).

The Process:

1. Once we receive your email requesting a trial – we will check your eligibility.

2. Assuming you are eligible – we will then email a link for you to download the software, together with a trial licence – normally lasting 30 days.

3. After the trial has ended you should either:

3.1 Request a copy of our EULA (Terms and Conditions). This will need to be returned signed by a relevant signatory, stamped with your institute seal; or
3.2 Advise us that you do not wish to licence GTL, and remove the software from any machine it has been installed on.

4. Assuming 3.1 – upon receipt of your signed and stamped EULA, we will issue a new licence. At renewal all user institutions will be expected to complete a simple survey and feedback questionnaire prior to renewal.

5. You may then install GTL on as many machines as required. It is your responsibility to disseminate GTL within your institute, the licence will work for both individual and network installations.

If you have any questions, please email Support.