What is GTL?

The Teaching and Learning Edition of GenStat is a special version of GenStat for Windows, designed to cover the statistical analyses that are needed in schools or in a university undergraduate course. There are menus for all the standard analyses, for example: basic statistics, statistical tests (t, chi-square, nonparametric tests etc), regression (general models not just e.g. simple linear regression), generalized linear models, nonlinear models (standard curves and user-defined), analysis of variance, design of experiments and sample size, REML analysis of linear mixed models, multivariate analysis, six-sigma, survival analysis, time series and repeated measurements.

For ease of understanding and to promote early learning, some of the more advanced commands are omitted, and there are some data-space restrictions to discourage non-educational use. The types of analyses that are omitted, however, would not usually be met until an MSc course – for example advanced generalized linear models (GEEs, GLMMs, HGLMs etc), QTL estimation, REML pedigree analysis and stratified surveys.

The edition can be used in either Schools or Undergraduate mode. (The difference being the Schools mode has a very much simpler menu bar, concealing the analyses that are not needed until university.) The users’ license key will determine how the system starts initially. Subsequently they will be able to switch modes by using a radio button on the GenStat Options menu. This will facilitate the teaching of extension topics in schools, and also allow pupils to sample the undergraduate facilities in advance of taking up their university courses.

Please note: There are different licence arrangements between the  new GenStat for Teaching and Learning (GTL) and the previous GenStat for Teaching. GTL will be provided on an institute-wide licence only. Upon the phasing out of the existing GenStat for Teaching, current users of that product will only be able to gain access to the new GTL if their institute implements a site-wide licence.The product remains free to school and undergraduate users in qualifying institutes who sign the licence agreement.

Want more details about trials and licensing?

Why are we doing it?

VSNi was formed as a joint venture between RRES (UK government research institute) and NAG Limited (the not-for-profit mathematical software company).  Our roots are therefore collaborative and we are not simply all about commercial gain.

We have desire to help and assist our communities and one way to enable students (and their teachers) is to offer free use of a proven menu driven statistics package. Underpinning GenStat is a development philosophy of  good statistical practice. We believe it is vital, particularly when just starting out in the world of statistics (or any data analyses), that the fundamental principles being taught are mirrored in the software being used. This new offering builds upon our GenStat Discovery product launched in 2003 and our GenStat for Teaching product launched in 2008; all of which demonstrate our continuing commitment to those less well off or without resource.

Our business objective within this programme is to maintain and develop our traditional research revenues and ensuring GenStat is more widely used within class and lecture rooms is one way of building this awareness and loyalty.

Who have we been working with?

This activity has largely been driven by needs in New Zealand to cover their newly expanded schools statistical curriculum. We have included undergraduate tools to enable the student to carry-on learning with GenStat for their first year tertiary needs.  Schools within the Otago region and the University of Otago have been the major contributors.  However, we are also working with Schools in Kenya, universities in Australia and governments in UK and South Africa.

A major development and enhancement of the product is the mapping of the help files with the CAST system (Computer Assisted Statistics Textbooks) developed by Doug Stirling at Massey University New Zealand.


We actively welcome partners in all countries to handle local distribution of GTL. The terms of distribution are as follows:

  • Signed licence agreement by the institution
  • Central contact point at each institution to handle internal queries and be advised of updates and additional materials.
  • Free distribution to all teachers and students by way of specific institution licence key
  • 12 month time limited key issued

Previous Teaching / Student version

This version of out Teaching software replaces the current GenStat for Teaching and Student version which is now withdrawn.


  • Technical support related to installation / running of the software queries, will be given to the main point of contact at an institution only.
  • Teacher/instructor guides in preparation, these will initially support activities within New Zealand and may need some local customisation.
  • Specific lesson plans developed and will be made available (including data sets) as downloads from the VSNi web site.  We encourage the submission of new materials for general circulation.
  • We will also be opening a GTL section within the Forum – and would encourage users to share ideas, thoughts and solutions within the forum.