What’s new in GTL18?

The Genstat Server has been upgraded to Release 18.1.


Graphics enhancements:

  • New menus to add text, reference lines or arrows to plots
  • New menu to produce 1D Density (violin) plots
  • New 2D Density Plot menu to plot x-y data as a density plot (undergraduate version only)
  • New Bland-Altman Plot menu to plot differences between two measurements
  • New options for the Scatter Plot Matrix menu


Time Series menus:

  • New Moving average options to plot predictions for Holt-Winter model


Meta analysis menus (Undergraduate version only):

  • New menu to fit a Finlay & Wilkinson joint regression analysis to genotype by environment data


Mixed models (REML) menus (Undergraduate version only):

  • New options for standardized residuals in REML Residual Plots