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What is Genstat?

Depending on who the question is directed to – the answer may differ. To some it’s a data analysis tool, to others statistical software. Indeed, Genstat has been referred to as “the essence of my work.”

We at VSNi like to think of Genstat as an all embracing data analysis tool, offering ease of use via our comprehensive menu system reinforced with the flexibility of a sophisticated programming language. All this is available in one focussed environment that encourages prototyping and development, while guiding new and less experienced users through the well planned menu and diagnostic messaging (not to mention a whole host of training and resource).

For over 30 years we have employed, and continue to work with, leading statisticians and scientists who help to create a package that succeeds for both novice and expert users in academia, research and industry. One of the many benefits of Genstat is that it is a complete package. You can use Genstat to manage and illustrate your data, summarize and compare, model relationships, design investigations and of course analyse your experiments from the simplest ANOVA right through to the most complex REML. Our comprehensive range of leading edge statistical content is continually being updated in line with both industry progression and user feedback. Originally conceived and developed at the Rothamsted Experimental Station (RRES), where many of the statistical techniques still in use today were first discovered, Genstat is used in the most demanding real-life applications today.

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Documentation and user contributions

Documentation can be found within the resources section of our site or through the help menu in the software. There are various very useful user generated tutorials and manuals to be found in the user area. We would like to thank all those who have contributed and welcome any further contributions you may have to help your fellow Genstat users.

Quality Assurance

We recognise that your analyses depend on the accuracy and validity of our software and take great care to check the results that we produce are reliable and correct. Our Quality Assurance document summarises some of the methods that we use to achieve this.


Existing users can upgrade to latest edition.

If you wish to trial the latest version of Genstat, please email support with your name and the name of your organisation / company /institution, stating you wish to trial Genstat. Please note – students requiring trials please arrange for your lecturer or supervisor to provide the suitable analysis tools. We would be happy to help them with our choices on offer.