13th Edition new features

Key new features:

The GenStat Server has been upgraded to Release 13.1

  • Release 13.1 includes 4 new directives, 6 new functions and 29 new procedures

New supported file formats

  • Import/Export Flapjack text genotype and map files

Graphics enhancements

  • Ability to add bitmap plotting symbols
  • Scientific and engineering notation for axis labels
  • Set transparency of colours
  • Ability to plot axis labels at an angle

New statistical menus


  • Nonlinear quantile regression menu for fitting nonlinear quantile regression models
  • Ability to plot tables of predictions

Mixed Models

  • Ability to plot tables of predictions

Multivariate Analysis

  • New Stepwise Discriminant Analysis menu
  • Correspondence Analysis menu has been extended including the addition of biplots

Time Series

  • New menu for moving averages

QTL Analysis

  • QTL analysis menus extended to include cross pollinator and association mapping populations
  • Docked QTL data space for storing data structures for use within QTL menus
  • Summary Statistics for Markers menu for descriptive statistics and giagnostic plots
  • Summary Statistics between Traits menu for descriptive statistics for multi-traits
  • Menus to subset QTL data by genotypes and by markers
  • Replace Missing Values in Marker Scores menu for imputation of missing marker scores
  • Multi-trait Linkage Analysis menu using simple and composite interval mapping
  • New Eigenanalysis and Linkage Disequilibrium (LD) Decay menus
  • Single Trait Association Analysis menu for association mapping

New Bootstrap Resampling menu for generating a distribution for a specified statistic.

New spreadsheet facilities


  • New change case of column names menu item in Column menu

New documentation

  • A Guide to the GenStat Command Language
  • A Guide to Multivariate Analysis in GenStat

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