14th Edition new features

Key new features:

The GenStat Server has been upgraded to Release 14.1

  • Release 14.1 includes 4 new directives, 32 new procedures


  • New start page for quick links to files and help
  • Ability to link to Computer-Assisted Statistics Textbook (CAST) e-books

New supported file formats

  • CSPro survey data file and dictionary.

Graphics enhancements

  • Text boxes providing control over the placement of labels on a plot
  • Text boxes used for axis markings to avoid overlapping labels
  • New /h command line option for setting the size an image
  • Ability to view multiple plots simultaneously
  • Axes can be drawn disconnected
  • New example graphics environments providing default styles for graphs

Spreadsheet enhancements

  • Random restriction to a specified number of rows
  • New option to keep the same row order for all sheets in a book when sorting or moving rows
  • Menu to add margins to tables
  • Improved control of search order (by row or columns) in the Find and Replace dialogs
  • New change case of column names menu item in Column menu

New statistical menus and enhancements


  • New Graph selector menu for choosing a graph based on form of data
  • Graphics menus redesigned in new tab style
  • Two-dimensional graphs with marginal distribution plots alongside the y- and x-axes
  • Boxplot menu extended to include more options

Summary Statistics

  • Summary tables and frequency tables menus include ability to plot a table

Statistical Tests

  • Permutation test for chi-square test of independence menu

Analysis of Variance

  • Analysis of variance by ANOVA, regression or REML menu

Multivariate Analysis

  • New multiple correspondence analysis menu

Spatial Analysis

  • Model variogram and krige menus extended to include more anisotropic models

QTLs (Linkage / Association)

  • Compatibility check menu for QTL data
  • Calculate number of recombinations menu for evaluating the expected number of recombinations between markers
  • Form linkage groups menu for determining linkage groups for markers
  • Construct a linkage map menu for forming linkage maps
  • Single trait association analysis menu for association mapping in multi-environment trials
  • Link to Flapjack for displaying genotypes and QTLs from an analysis

Exisitng users can download 14th edition here.

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