15th (SP1) edition new features

The 15th (SP1) edition of GenStat includes many new features and enhancements including:

GenStat Server upgraded to Release 15.1

  • Release 15.1 includes 5 new directives, 31 new procedures and 3 new functions.


  • Improved support for pointers with text suffixes in the spreadsheet and SPLOAD directive.
  • Column format tables so that multiple 2 or more way tables can be displayed in the spreadsheet.

New supported file formats

  • New compact format for spreadsheet (gsh) files (version 15 format).
  • Minitab version 14-16 worksheets.
  • R version 2.15 data frames.
  • Exporting colours to Excel 2007-2010 (.xlsx) files.
  • Opening old Excel files (.xls), generated by GenStat, within Excel 2010 will display a warning that can be safely ignored.

Graphics enhancements

  • Display headers and footers when printing graphs.
  • Full page printing of graphs using the A4 Portrait/Landscape settings of the areas list in the Frame tab of the graphics menus.

Data manipulation

  • Table calculate menu.
  • Table sort menu.
  • Menus to combine levels and slice tables.
  • Ability to rearrange the display of tables in the spreadsheet using the convert menu.
  • New statistical menus and enhancements

Summary statistics

  • Summary tables and frequency tables menus are able save multiple tables to a single sheet using the new column format spreadsheet tables.

Analysis of variance

  • New option to display warnings produced by homogeneity, normality and stability tests in the general analysis of variance menu.


  • Functional linear relationship menu for fitting a functional linear relationship where both Y and X have errors.

Genetic models

  • New individual/animal model menu.
  • New parental model menu.

QTLs (Linkage/Association)

  • Form kinship matrix menu for creating a kinship matrix of coancestries.

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