17th edition new features

Key new features in GenStat 17th Edition:

The GenStat Server has been upgraded to Release 17.1

Release 17.1 includes 32 new procedures.

Graphics enhancements

New 2D Density Plot menu to plot x-y data as a density plot.
New Bland-Altman Plot menu to plot differences between two measurements.

New statistical menus and enhancements


New option to save or plot the predictions from a HGLM analysis.

Spatial analysis

New nearest neighbour analysis menu.

Multivariate analysis

New analysis of distance menu.

Mixed models (REML)

New automatic analysis of incomplete block design menu.
New automatic analysis of row-column design menu.
New automatic analysis of series of trials menu.
New options for standardized residuals in REML Further Output and Save dialogs.

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