18th edition new features

What’s new in Genstat for Windows 18th Edition

The Genstat Server has been upgraded to Release 18.1

  • Release 18.1 includes 24 new procedures.

Graphics enhancements

  • New menu to produce 1D Density (violin) plots.
  • New menu to produce Polar plots.
  • New menus to add text,
    reference lines or
    arrows to plots.
  • New options for the Scatter Plot Matrix menu.

Help and documentation

  • The help for the menus and commands can be accessed online through the Genstat knowledge base.

New supported file formats

  • SAS version 9 data files.
  • Stata 13 and 14 data files.
  • Systat 13 data files.
  • EViews 5-8 data files.
  • RATS time series data files.
  • GRETL panel data files.

Analysis of Variance menus

  • New option to produce multiple comparisons from unbalanced ANOVAs.

Data mining menus

  • New Support Vector Machine menus.
  • New Derive Association Rules menu.
  • New Neural network menu.

Meta analysis menus

  • New menu to fit a Finlay & Wilkinson joint regression analysis to genotype by environment data.

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