Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions for GenStat (student price) are detailed below. Please review these carefully to check you qualify BEFORE requesting the product. Important: you can only request a licence key via the online process. We do not support requests for licence keys via email, fax, mail or telephone. Please note: We confirm the eligibility of all requests prior to offering the download; this can take up to 72 hours (or longer over weekend periods). For legal use of the software, the following terms and conditions apply. Please read the terms and conditions carefully as you must agree to these before running the software or registering your use.

1. GenStat (student price) is supplied to users in educational (degree granting) organisations. It is not covered by any express or implied guarantees of operability or suitability for purpose, nor do the authors and/or VSN International Ltd (‘VSNi’) accept any liability for any loss or damage however arising that may be caused to your data, computing system, other assets or operations. Use by international research centres and commercial use by any organisation of the GenStat (student price) software is strictly prohibited.

2. You agree to participate in any on-line surveys, email or telephone conferences or other comparable exercises organised by and at the cost of VSNi for collection of feedback based upon your usage and experiences using the GenStat (student price) software.

3. Users of the GenStat (student price) software must not pass their license code to ANY other individual or institution. Instead they should invite new users to contact us.

4. You agree to allow VSNi to use your name, organisation name and feedback in VSNi publicity materials as they see fit. No other personal details or addresses will be released to third parties.

5. You must destroy all copies in your possession of the GenStat (student price) software upon the termination of your participation in the GenStat (student price) programme.

6. You agree to allow VSNi to send you information about additional products and services.

7. The GenStat (student price) software will only be provided in the following the implementation(s):
Latest GenStat stand-alone version
Platform: Windows
Licence: Single user only
Licence period: Annual

8. A current personal university email address must be provided in order to qualify for use of this special priced software; we do not accept ‘alumni style’ email addresses which can be given to past students of a university.

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