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This section provides a brief overview of our Genstat and ASReml software including screenshots and tutorials. It’s a good starting point if you are new, or just getting started with our software.


Genstat as an all embracing data analysis tool, offering ease of use via our comprehensive menu system reinforced with the flexibility of a sophisticated programming language. You can use Genstat to manage and illustrate your data, summarize and compare, model relationships, design investigations and of course analyse your experiments from the simplest ANOVA right through to the most complex REML. Our comprehensive range of leading edge statistical content is continually being updated in line with both industry progression and user feedback.


ASReml is simply the outstanding data analysis software for fitting linear mixed models. Unique in that it uses the Average Information (AI) algorithm, ASReml is vital for researchers with very large datasets, who may need to apply complex statistical models. It is optimised for working with genetics data and hence performs considerably faster than other generic data analysis software. The superior range of variance models are specifically suited to the analysis of data arising from genetic applications in animal and plants. It also has an in-built link with R for scientists and researchers who prefer to use the R programming environment rather than more generic windows based systems.


CycDesigN’s focus is on the types of design that are needed when you have large numbers of treatments, as in variety trials. CycDesigN comprises three modules:

  1. CycDesigN – for the generation of optimal or near-optimal experimental designs. It provides the most comprehensive design generation package yet available for experimenters, particularly those involved in field, glasshouse and laboratory trials.
  2. CycXover is a sub-system for use in crossover experiments, also known as change-over or carry-over designs.
  3. CycAnalysis  allows you to tailor your output from a CycDesigN or CycXOver session in a form ready for analysis. It also gives you the option to generate either GenStat or SAS code for the analysis of the design you have chosen.