ASReml Tutorials


The ASReml contributed tutorials are produced by users of ASReml and are freely made available for the ASReml user community.

Each tutorial comprises a set of downloads including an audio commentary and accompanying documentation describing how to perform particular tasks within ASReml. To view the tutorials you will require Windows Media Player or similar software.

There are four sets of tutorials with example data sets available:

Tutorial A – Getting Started

This tutorial consists of six sessions providing a general introduction to ASReml. Please note – the mp3 parts are voice only.

Session File Size
Installing ASReml and editors you might use A0Start.mp3 4.3 MB
Operational concepts behind ASReml with a simple example A1Intro.mp3 7.2 MB
Job control commands to run ASReml A2RunASReml.mp3 7.4 MB
How variables and factors are defined in ASReml A3DataDefn.mp3 13.4 MB
Pedigree files, data files, some basic qualifiers and TABULATE A4Files.mp3 8.9 MB
Syntax to specify the terms in the linear mixed model A5Model.mp3 7.4 MB
Slides (pdf format) ASRemlTutorialA.pdf 4.3 MB
Slides (postscript format) 3.5 MB

Tutorial B – Animal breeding applications

This tutorial consists of four sessions covering basic animal breeding applications.

Session File Size
The mixed model equations notation B1Matrix.mp3 8.0 MB
Simple sire model example B2Harvey.mp3 9.0 MB
The equivalent animal model B3Animal.mp3 9.4 MB
Bivariate model B4Bivariate.mp3 12.4 MB
Slides (pdf format) ASRemlTutorialB.pdf 2.8 MB
Slides (postscript format) 2.3 MB

Tutorial C – Plant applications

This tutorial consists of four sessions covering basic plant applications.

Session File Size
Variance structures C1VStruct.mp3 10.3 MB
Spatial analysis of field experiments C2Spatial.mp3 10.9 MB
Analysis of a trial conducted at three sites C3MET.mp3 7.5 MB
Repeated measures C4RepeatMeasures.mp3 10.8 MB
Slides (pdf format) ASRemlTutorialC.pdf 2.9 MB
Slides (postscript format) 2.3 MB

Tutorial D – Modelling

This tutorial consists of three sessions covering generalized linear models, analysis of variance and prediction.

Session File Size
Generalized linear models D1GLM.mp3 7.6 MB
Analysis of variance D2ANOVA.mp3 13.9 MB
Prediction from linear mixed models D3Predict.mp3 15.2 MB
Slides (pdf format) ASRemlTutorialD.pdf 2.5 MB
Slides (postscript format) 1.9 MB

Data Files

The example data sets used for all the tutorials are contained within a single zip file.

Description File Size
Data Files 0.7 MB