Genstat Tutorials

View all tutorials on YouTube – including some German and Spanish translations.

On this page we list links to video tutorials for Genstat software.

  1. A brief introduction to Genstat software.
  2. Importing Excel data into Genstat.
  3. How to run a simple ANOVA in Genstat.
  4. How to run a simple Linear Regression in Genstat.

Genstat For Teaching & Learning (GTL) Tutorials

  1. This is a brief outline of Genstat for Teaching & Learning.
  2. This brief tutorial outlines how to import data from Excel.
  3. Creating a Stem and Leaf diagram in GTL. Here are the data used in the example.
  4. How to set your working directory in GTL.

Genstat Discovery Edition (GDE) Tutorials

  1. This is a brief introduction to Genstat Discovery Edition.
  2. Tutorial showing how to import data into GDE from Excel.
  3. Importing data, such as Access, via ODBC into GDE
  4. Running a simple ANOVA in GDE.
  5. A tutorial outlining Linear Regression using GDE.