Vision No. 16 November 2009

Analysing genetic data just got easier with the release of ASReml 3.

ASReml 3, the outstanding data analysis software designed for fitting linear mixed models is now available for download.

Already widely used by scientists and researchers in the biosciences the new procedures and functionality added to version 3 further extend ASReml’s ability to analyse large datasets and complex statistical models. Since its original launch ASReml has enabled scientists to investigate and understand relevant factors in breeding and genetics leading to for example, the identification of superior grain varieties for farmers in Australia (based on the National Variety Trials system) and generating herd heritability estimates (based on research at the Pennsylvania State University).

ASReml is vital for researchers with very large datasets, who may need to apply complex statistical models. Unlike other software systems ASReml can easily and efficiently handle large datasets. ASReml is unique in that it uses the Average Information (AI) algorithm for the fitting of linear mixed models and it is optimised for working with genetics data and hence performs considerably faster than other generic data analysis software. The superior range of variance models are specifically suited to the analysis of data arising from genetic applications in animal and plants, so ASReml is chosen by researchers and scientists who need these specific analysis tools provided in ASReml. It also has an in-built link with R for scientists and researchers who prefer to use the r programming environment rather than more generic windows based systems.

It was and continues to be developed by researchers working in bioscience, so the statistics are sound, valid and most importantly relevant to the needs of bioscientists. Users are supported by VSNi (if they have a support contract), a range of tutorials and user guides and by an active user community through the ASReml Forum, available through the VSNi webpages.

For a free 60 day trial of ASReml please email support with your name and organisation quoting reference VISION16CB, and we will arrange one for you.

For more details on ASReml, look at the new features.

Technical tip – New supported platforms for ASReml 3

ASReml has now been updated to run on both 32 bit and 64 bit applications of Linux both as the stand alone command driven ASReml and as the ASReml-R add on. Additionally Apple Macintosh users can run also run ASReml in a batch mode.

Windows (32 and 64 bit) users can use ASReml 3 as the command driven version, Windows interface or as an add-on to R.

For a more detailed explanation see the ASReml webpages.

Latest training courses

VSNi run training courses throughout the year on a variety of topics, and we are currently planning the schedule for 2010. Please email support with any specific training requests or go to the training pages on our website to keep updated on the latest courses.

Out and about with VSNi

From 29th November to 3rd December, the GenStat developer Dr David Baird will be presenting at the International Biometric Society Australasian Region Conference. Dr Alison Smith, a keen ASReml user, based at Wagga Wagga Agricultural Institute is also presenting her work on grain quality testing with ASReml at the conference.

If you would like to meet with VSNi staff at one of these events please email Carey Biggs to arrange the details.

We’re always updating the list of events we can support and sponsor – so please send us details of any events you are organising or involved in, and as we decide on more events for the future we’ll list them here.


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